ACV disable mod

I have an 03 WR450. I plugged the "oring" hole on the ACV. Which way do I reassemble so I dont have to change any jets? Do reassemble with the spring pushing the needle into the valve? or with the spring pushing the needle away from the valve? I cant find a thread with the specific info Im looking for. And nobody has any pics of it.

there should be plenty of info using the search stuff. take the spring out and turn the diagphram around. you have to rejet. if you don't want to rejet, don't do it. the bike will be a bit lean on the low speed jetting with the mod done. you have to increase the pilot jet or it will back fire on deceleration. to be honest, unless you are planning on doing some jetting work (air jet ect.....)i wouldn't bother. there is little or no performance increase. it just allows you to find jetting specs that work for you without the valve allowing a slightly richer low speed jetting when you close the throttle. YZ's don't use a acv because they're a race bike and it doesn't matter if they pop a little on decel.

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