New to forum- 88 xr 600 problem

Hi all :) I just got an 88 xr 600 saturday. Have ridden it a few times, but just got it registered and street leagal. Anyway, it has a piston and cams upgrade that I know of. I started it today and took off for work and it just died. Funny bit is it idles just fine, any throttle at all and poof it kills. I bought it from my neighbor and before he sold it to me, he told me it had done this to his son. He put a new pick up coil (heard somewhere that it was a common problem) or the likes in it and had ridden it a few times, as have I,-- no problems and assumed it was fixed. Does anyone here know what the problem is or where I should start looking?

Sounds like a repeat of the "XR600 pops and dies" thread. The same problem and cure will apply! Check it out. :)

Will have a look, but I thought his just stalled at idle and ran fine otherwise. Mine idles fine and doesn't pop. It just wont do anything else but idle --any throttle at all and it dies. Thanks :)

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Well I guess I will open up the carb here as soon as I get some time. My feeling is its got trash in the main jet. I work on cars for a living and will figure it out eventually on my own. Was kinda hoping someone here had gone thru this and could help me out in the right direction. I have to heal up too first --it kicked back on me and sprained my ankle pretty bad. One day Limpy Mc Hopsalot will ride again :)

I will repost for you:

This is a common issue on the XR6 bikes. You can solve the issue with a edelbrock carb for sure!

But start by first replacing all the vent hoses off the carb and the Ts. make sure they are routed up properly so that any gas can escape up. doing that made a big difference on my bike.

Second, change the plug, adjust the valves.

Third, step the jetting up on the pilot like suggested.

lastly, run the idle about 500rpms higher than you normally would. This helps quite a bit on that problem

okay but i was rolling at about 30mph in second gear over 1/4 throttle when it died. Its not necessarily a flat spot. It acted like it ran out of gas or the spark quit. First kick it started back up but now will only idle.

aha!!! think I found it-- Main jet was not clogged--the main jet flat fell out. Will put it back together and give it a try here in a few. I have my fingers crossed :)

WOw, I thought I was tho only on that has had that happen,, it happened to me twice with my xr500,,, the main jet just fell out, It got me on the trail though,, thank god for tool belts, lol

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