Last hurrah ride this Sun.Majestic Trails Rew Pa.

Doing a last hurrah ride at Majestic Trails(so. of Bradford Pa.) this coming sun.Will be there @ 9:30 am. come when you want, open all day.Majestic is privately owned, charges a $15.00/day ride fee. Lots of trail(no single track) small mx play area. not many quads this time of year. Need more info contact me. :cry:

There is a good possibility that I will be there with a friend of mine. We were just talking about it last night and may try for Sat and Sun if work schedule permits. I've been there only once but loved this place. I'll be on a klx or kdx and my buddy will have a xr650. Flag us down if you see us. :cry:

By the way, we are driving 5 hours and will be looking for a motel in the area for one or two nights. If you know of a good place to stay fairly close please let me know.

DaleSr, I am the guy on the XR650 that will be there with Koyote. We booked a room for saturday and will look for you guys on sunday, the more the better. We love it there. I am going to park my truck up on the top by the pond, I have a burgundy 4 door crewcab ford f250. See you then.

Oh yeah,Dale I too am a landscaper. :cry:

Got 3-4 others so far. Weather is going to be a big factor. 2wks ago it was dry and dusty now getting lots of rain, even snow. Sun. is supposed to be good! see you there.

Yeah we are worried about weather but we will be there any weather, what are the other bikes that are going? are you guys going to go at all on Saturday? See you then.

Only can do Sun. We live pretty close. Have a blk./silver KTM exc. Will be parking down below by the start area.

Sorry didn't make it Sun.Steady rain dampened interest for all. Hope you had a great sat. ride!

Dale :cry:

Sorry you missed out. Had a great time both days. It stopped raining Sunday morning as soon as we arrived which made for an awesome mud day. Met up with a group of 10 or so riders from Canada all on Hondas and shared some track and trail time. We'll catch you on the next trip. :cry:

Hey Koyote, Its Mike one of the Canadians you met on Sunday. The fast guy with the 05 CRF. Too bad you guys had to pull out we rode til 5, Had a great day, it was cool meeting up with you guys, Did your buddy finally clear the table?? I got the business cards I'll email you guys when we start planning our next H and M ride. We might try and make it to Majestic again before the snow hits, I'll get ahold of you guys if we are do. MIKE :cry:

Hey Mike, Its Rick, we were going to ask if you guys were on here awesome!!!! It was the best advice ever we both started clear the double no problem. thank you, we will take all the advice we can get. As for the table top, almost got it about 3/4 of the way to the end. That big 650 just can't get enough out of that corner in 2nd. We talked about that all the way home. That is my email on those cards. If you email me make sure you put something in the subject so I know its you. We had a great ride with you guys, tell everyone thanks for the invite. Next time you see me 450 r or x not sure yet. I also want some big air pics from you. Talk to you guys soon. Rick :cry:

Dale sorry you couldn't make it there were a couple of KTM's. Great ride, hope to see you guys next time.

Trying to post a pic of Majestic, Koyote on his KLX web page

Nope didn't work :cry: :cry:

Post deleted by Roostin

Post deleted by Roostin

Sounds like all of you had a good time, Almost still came but i have been fighting the flu and getting soaked as hard as it was raining earlier i balked. We are trying again the wkend aft. next.Also if any of you happen to have plated bikes i host great follow the leader rides from my home in LittleValley NY.Lots of good trails! Watch for posts this spring. Shooting for one a month.

Dale :cry:

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