rocket was the shizzle fo rizzle

couldn't have asked for a better day. perfect track. perfect weather. it was awesome.

i got to ride with DWB finally and we rode together alot. he's a real cool cat. smooth and fast. thanks for pulling me over that step down man. now i got the whole track.

sucks that my knee had to go out again a the end of the day or else i'd be going back next weekend to put some full laps together.

anyways, here are a few before and after pictures. sorry, i never got the camera out while we were riding.

Heading Out to Rocket


L-R: Dan the man, Jamie and Me - chillin after a great day of riding (Team CRF450)


and here's a couple of DethWshBkr on our ride back out to civilization. (nice bike, btw)


dwb_driving_home 2.jpg

Rocket Rules. :cry:

How did you guys get there? It looks like you took the turnpike. After it rained Saturday I wish I would have had the time to come out Sunday. How many people were there? There was only 5-6 on Sat. :cry:

That was the turnpike.

I hit it up at 247, Harrisburg East, and take it the whole way to 180, Fort Littleton.

There were what, maybe two dozen people there? Perhaps three dozen max?

It was great there though. The track was beautiful. Bumps, ruts, berms, and all kinds of mess-you-up stuff that makes it fun.

Too bad I was riding like a beginner.

I went down, what, I think three times. ( :cry: What's up with that?) After a long 6 day work week and 5 hours of sleep the night of riding, I guess I should have expected what I got. I just had no ability to make the bike move around me. As I said to Jay, I felt like I was riding a motorcycle, not floating. Usually I don't even think of it being a bike, I just hop on, and it does what I tell it to, by subtle movements and almost instinctively, like the bike truly is an extention of my body. Yesterday, I just felt way off. Turns, ruts, everything!

I don't go down, but dang, three times in one day!?!?!

I lost two sprocket bolts (thanks guys!) and luckily, Mark had some spares he gave to me. I red loc-tited ALL the bolts, and I will be replacing them ALL and getting new crush nuts with RED loc-tite all over them. I am sick of losing sprocket bolts! I destroyed the hub on my 520 by losing two bolts and shearing the hub apart, I WILL NOT have that happen to my new 450! :cry:

Nice riding with you guys though! I know exactly what you mean about the knee though. Definitely find some stops and put them in. Call Innovation Sports, and they SHOULD mail you some. I know you can buy them, but if you never got them in the first place, they should give them to you free.

I would go with at LEAST a 10 degree stop.

I was there too, but my right hand was going numb from arm pump causing me to ride like a girl so I was to embarresed to introduce myself.

Tim you will ride faster when you get a yamaha arm pump will disapear.To bad i have a yamaha and i dont ride any faster.Did you decide which bike your getting this week ? Rick

I was there too, but my right hand was going numb from arm pump causing me to ride like a girl so I was to embarresed to introduce myself.

too embarassed? c'mon now. did you see all the stupid crap i was pullin all day? riding a practice day at rocket isn't so serious, it's all fun. at one point i launched my bike out off the track, and slid across the ground on my ass, right into a tire (track barrier).. luckily it wasnt fastened to the ground cuz that thing shot way out into the field when i hit it, rather than breaking my legs! (mark, if you find a tire out in the field next to the big whooped out turn, that was me) :cry:

anyways, you shouldn't feel shy about sayin hello. i'm not a good enough rider to be stuck up, and even if i was, i wouldn't be stuck up.. and dethwsh is definitely a nice guy too. you shoulda come over.

there's always next time. depending on how my knee feels, and it's already starting to feel alot better, i might go back up there in a few weeks.

i'm not a good enough rider to be stuck up, and even if i was, i wouldn't be stuck up..

That is true - Spotted isn't good enough to be stuck up. :cry:

But he's good enough to get some good pointers from and help slow c-class guys like me. :cry: I know I learn something from him every time we ride.


No, I still havent decided on which bike to get, I dont think the CRF is the total prob for my arm pump becase there was about 15 other CRFs out on the track.

My arms pumped up so bad on sun I had a hard time riding my bike on the road back to the pits.

Hey Jay, me and greg are planning to ride out there either 10/30 or 10/31. Maybe you'll feel better by then?

possibly. i'm not sure at the moment, but i think that weekend is the last double-weekend of the year for ramblers where they hold organized practice all day saturday and then races on sunday. if it is, and i'm healthy, i will probably do that. i'm at least gonna do the organzied practice on saturday. i'd love a day of practice on their track.

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