Stuntoberfest pics and vids...

We had an absolute blast at Stuntoberfest yesterday.

The crowd was alot smaller than last years Stuntwars, but there were still a lot there. We got there early to avoid

the line at the gate, and ended up with a great spot to watch and take pictures from. One benefit to driving in

and getting agreat spot also was the cooler full of drinks we had and the ability to jump up in the front of the truck

and cool off between events. :cry:

The video clips I have were shot in 30 second clips from my a70 and stitched together. The quality isn't as good

as a camcorder, but it's really quite good for a digital camera.

The first vid is Kyle Woods doing a wheelie with a fender scrape on the Triumph Rocket III. I already posted this

in another thread, but here it is again if you missed it. I really got a kick out of this one...

The next is just random stuff from the warm up and team competitions. There is one block that is a little

out of focus, but the rest is pretty good.

Here are some of the better pictures that I took.




Damn Gixxie looks good - when she has her helmet on that is...








And here are the rest of the pics.

I resized all of them to 800 to save a little bandwidth. If you'd like a full res version of any of them just ask.

Here are some of the better pictures that I took.


yummmeeeee. got to see more girls getting into stunt riding.

and thx for the vid. :cry:

Thanks simon@vic. :cry:

I'm glad you enjoyed them. The pics pale in comparison to seeing it live though.

Gixxie has one heck of a body, she has a butterface though... She actually did a few nice wheelies.

I guess most of these dirt bikers just don't know what to think of this kind of stuff though... :cry:

maby, or maby most dirt riders cant crack a 3km wheelie. once you have hung in the air for that long, you get an appreciation for stunt riding.

i also used to a bit here and there :cry:.

what is a butter face?


Her body looks great, but her face looks like hell. Get it?


:cry: :cry: :cry:

NICE write up ovrrdrive!! Thanks for sharing the video. That's some crazy stuff.

that guy on the dirt bike was absolutely insane

I do those tricks in my sleep.....Yeah Right!!! Those guys are fools........thanks for sharing the pics and vids. :cry::cry::cry::cry:

I see they are 2 cool for boots.

They would never be able to climb all over their bikes like they do with boots on...

Gixxie had boots on, well kinda. :cry:

i have stunt ridden with sportbike boots on. they are not as big or heavy as MX boots.

vids wont work.

sorry I yanked the vids last month when i got close to my bandwidth limit... They ran through 35 gigs in about 5 days.

I found them posted on about 15 different sites...

Pictures are still there though. :cry:

now im runnin with a T1 connection & it says there is still a problem with only these vids. Hmm guess its this computer?

I'll reupload them for you under a different filename. I'll PM the link.

Give me a bit though, I have 256k up and the big vid was 60mb.

Alright...Thank you very much.


well whatevre u did on these u just posted they worked. Lettme watch them & see what i think. Thanks alot!

That is a big bik to be wheeling.

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