2 strokes?

Am I just not looking hard enough (I really don't watch supermoto often), or are there no 2 strokes in any of the races? Is this a rule or do they just suck for this type of sport? :cry::cry:

there were 2 CR500's running unlimited at Delmar. One was a guy from our area. Alan Stay Jr. :cry:

In the lightweight class a strong 125 will work well.

4 strokes are the thing to be on because of the power delivery. That and the fact that 500's are no longer made.

I would think as far as 125's go the Ktm 125 would be the only one worth trying. I rode the 05 in mx and it hauled.

Ahhh, ok. Just curious. I've yet to see on in a race so I was thinking maybe it's just a rule. Thanks for the answers. :cry:


my son takes consistant top three finishes in the open sportsman class against 450-525-400 ect. in the so. cal. supermoto TT, STTARS series and is tied for 2nd place in the points standings. He rides a yz 250! (the motor's a little tricked out) he got flat out run at bakersfeild ca. on the high bank oval,but it don't happen any where else..there is to disadvantages--no help from the eng. on braking--and controling the tire spin coming out of the turns when the power band kicks in can be a little scarrrry! BUT if you got a 2-stroke put some sportsman tires on (MAXXIS FRONT&REAR)and come have some fun!!! :cry: :thumbsup:sometimes i think he has more fun on the 250 than his yz450

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