How long will an S run when stator is bad?

We are leaving on our yearly bike trip Thurs. and my 02 drz400s has decided not to charge. Same as last year, but it was the regulator last year. This year it is the stator. If I cannot get it replaced before I leave then I will but another battery and charge them overnight (worst case).

What do you guys think? :cry:

Reduce the electrical load so only the ignition is operating (no lights or instruments) and I would expect to get 4 hrs run time out of the battery. You are going to want to limit starts to as few as possible. This is just a guess as I do not know the actual current draw of the ignition. The battery is about 6 amp hr and you will probably get 3 or 4 useful amp hrs out of it at a low draw. You could try an experiment. Put an amp meter in the circuit and measure current draw with only the ignition operating. That would give you a better idea of how long the battery will last. Or just try it on a ride before you leave on your trip to get some useful data.

my voltage reg.went bad on my'04 s model. system was not charging. if i got an hour out of a good fully charged battery running all lights & speedo i was lucky. in other words, if it's not charging it's not going to last long.

Thanks, Is there a quick way to disconnect the instruments and the tail light? I already unplugged the headlight?

otherwise you end up push starting a lot. i made a small pair of jumper cables that fit in my fender bag, so if i cant push start i can get a jump start from my dads bike

otherwise you end up push starting a lot. i made a small pair of jumper cables that fit in my fender bag, so if i cant push start i can get a jump start from my dads bike

Why would ever have to jump start this bike? When would you not be able to push start? This bike can not be that heavy. The reason I ask is I push started a 900 lb. Honda Goldwing multplie times a day for the better part of a summer.

I can think of lots of times, try this one, your in a sand wash, steap walls on each side, now bump start that baby, :cry:

You want to start out on the trail with a wounded bike? My only recomendation is don't do it. Overnight the correct one off a buddies bike...beg, borrow...just don't steal mine.

The idea you are nurturing is a BAD idea!

I have the same problem right now

well as of this weekend I got one hr ride made it home but I could tell it was going starter sluggish

I would not plan on a 4 hour trip

you wont make it


My experience has been that it will run just long enough so that you are as far from camp as possible when the juice runs out completely. I almost got to spend the night in a very, very lonely part of the So Cal desert. It took my buddy over 4 hours to get to camp and drive the truck to where I was. I had started collecting firewood already, just in case he wasn't going to show up.

Of course, this was AFTER it was supposedly fixed. Damn dealer mechanic. They did manage to fix it after that, but I sure gave them hell when I showed up on that Monday morning!

fix it first or don't ride.. depending on your problem, you are asking to spend both lots of money and do lots of walking.... a shorted stator will try to eat the regulator too, a pissy regulator will try to F@# with the cdi box... voltage surges will try to bake your intruments, blow your lights, melt harness wiring.. worse case scenario you may ruin over $1000 worth of parts........ and walk home

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