Plastic re-new?

i've seen this product in the back of magazines. Has anyone ever tried it before? Does it work? I bought my son a 00' XR 100 and I would like to make it as new as I can for him. This will be his first mororcycle and I want to make it special for him. I did use that "Honda shine spray" and that works okay....... :cry:

i've seen this product in the back of magazines. Has anyone ever tried it before? Does it work?

Just did this on my 11 y/o DR-350.

It works. Takes time, though, and lots of elbow grease. Depending on the value of your free time vs. the price of plastic, it may or may not be for you.

Kit consists of 3 grades of sandpaper, fine steel wool, and the Plastic-Renew formula. Sells at my local dealer for about $20.

You sand the plastic with the coarsest paper, then finer, finer, and then the steel wool.

At that point, you have a matte-finish plastic part.

You brush the Re-New formula on with a rag, and it's about like fingernail polish. Allow each coat to dry. Fills in the matte finish, and gives it a sheen as if it just popped out of the mold.

I didn't do the plastic fuel tank, I have my doubts it would work / hold up there.


On my DR-350, I have one new piece of plastic and the rest is original. You can't tell which is which unless you're about 1' away.


Doug Grosjean

Luckey, Ohio

Dont buy that kit! I tried it once and it REALLY looks like crap. It requires you to sand the plastics... Didn't turn out well at all. Don't waste your money

Thanks so much for the replies! :cry:

This will sound crazy, but it works. try using Pledge on your plastics. I know it's for wood, but a buddy of mine who races Hydroplanes told me about it and it rocks, it's quick and easy and as long as the plastic isn't TOO faded it makes it shine like can also use it on all the other parts of the bike to shine them up like the swingarm, wheels, and the motor.

wierd, but it works, and your bike smells good too :cry:


Those that say it looks like crap obviously didn't prep good enough. That being said I will not use the stuff again on a bike I am keeping. Reason has nothing to do with looks since if done right the plastic WILL look like new. However, the coating of Re-New will begin to peel and wear off leaving the dull sanded plastic exposed. That re-New is really no different then clear Krylon spray paint. Just slightly more pliable so it won't crack when the plastic bends. Now if I was selling the bike then I wouldn't have any problems using the stuff.

I found this stuff called Dura-gloss works great really shines up plastic makes them real shiney and works great on tires and rims to Rick

I used it on my Can-Am project including the gas tank and I thought it worked great. Just like the instructions tell you, unless it's really bad,

just litely scuff with the steel wool. Was fast and easy. Now if your going to sand it you will be spending some time on it. I used a dual action

sander on parts of my headlight and it worked great. You get out of it what you put into it. I thought it was worth while, but over priced. :cry:





I used it on a brand new gas tank(IMS) that was supposed to be red.It looked pink.The plastic re-new darkened it up nicely.Gasoline will wash it off so you have to be carefull and it will peel after a while so you will probably have to re-do it every once in a while. :cry:

as others have said - its all in the prep work. Skip the proper required prep and you'll have a $hit result. Take your time and it'll look great. However, all that being said, it is time consuming and depending on how much you value your time at, it may be cheaper to buy new plastic.

Have you thought about the new plastic paint from Krylon "Fusion"

I know a few guys have used it with great looking results, I think

a couple have used it on tanks, but have not heard any long term

results if it bubbled or not. For the other plastic I think it is

a great solution.

Don't paint the gas tank the vapours seep out of the tank and make the paint bubble. Works real well on all the other plastics. My friend did his with krylon fusion and that is what happened and when he fills the tank he spills gas all over the tank and it bubbles bad and peels off easy. But he has wiped out several times and the fenders still look good.

Thanks again for all the replies. I think I will just skip it all. :cry: This is for my 10 year old son, for some reason I don't think he will care if it's all pretty as long as it just goes! :cry: Thanks again! :cry:

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