Flooding carb

On my wifes TTR125 the carb floods when the bike is leaning to the sides. And it is´t tilted much at all before it starts to flood, is that normal? It´s the stock carb.

I assume that this is when she is riding. My guess is that either the float is sticking, or that the float height is mis-adjusted. The next time that this happens tap the float bowl on the side of the carb with a screwdriver. This will de-stick the float if it is stuck. :cry:

No it´s when it stands still. For example when i load the bike on the trailer. I guess it floods as much when she´s riding.

There was just a thread on this... :cry:

Ours does the same thing, I guess it's pretty normal. It's ok as far as the kick stand leans over, but any further than that and gas pours out the overflow tube.

Ours did this before I changed the jets in the carb too...

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