Faster Top End Gearing ??? 14/47 or 13/45

I recently bought a stock "S" and I want to change the gearing. I ride 60% dirt / 40% street and want to make sure I don't gear the bike too low for 70-75mph on the highway. My friend has a DRZ-S with 13/45 - the speedo tops out at 75mph but I don't know how accurate that is since the gearing isn't stock. Any help on which one to go with would be appreciated.


Changing the sprockets won't affect the speedo reading. It is based on the diameter of the front wheel and most S owners that have checked their speedo's against a GPS find they read 5-10 percent high. Mine is 10% off.

As far as actual speed change, I have seen a couple of spreadsheet type sites that let you enter in the specifics of your bike to know the speeds you will be doing.

Here is one Yahoo DRZ group

It shows that 14/47 10K rpm and 91 mph, 13/45 10K rpm and 88 mph. Not a big difference. Both are at doing at least 70mph at 8k rpm.

Thanks for the help - I ordered the 14/47 combination.

I run a 15/47 and can cruise at 70 turning about 7k and still have enough low end for off road.

Good luck with your choise.

Corky :cry: :cry:

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