? on 04 CRF 250X JD Kit (any post with how to's)

I just ordered the JD kit. Shipped and should be here today or tommorow. We found a post on here that I will call a (how to) on my buddies crf230 to rejet it. Made it really simple! Curious is there a similar post for the 250x with pictures. Thanks for the input!


The needle is a little difficult to access, but simply needs long 3mm and 4mm hex wrenches and the CRF250 needle removal tool. Turn the throttle to bring the slide up and use a dab of grease to get the screw to stick with the 4mm hex wrench.

Needle Access


At the risk of really sounding stupid! My bike did not come with the (250 Needle Removal Tool). I have called two bike shops here locally and neither one of them know what I am talking about and said that they never had to use one? Can somebody point me in the right direction? Thanks.

The removal tool is simply a rod with a small hose on the end. It came with the '04 CRF250R models. If you pull the throttle fully open, you may be able to use needle nose pliers instead.


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