Unibiker '05 CRF450 radiator guards review

My guards just got here this morning.

I will report back on fit later today.

Just stopping in to mention a first impression.

These guards/braces are a heavier gauge than the Works Connection I used on the last 450. Also the vents in the front guards are the best I have seen, and that includes my buddies Devol setup. They look like more air will get through. While I can't report on fit yet, the finish work looks top notch. These look great for woods guys!

I'll report back later :cry:.

Update: The guards are on, and I'm a very happy customer. I couldn't imagine a better setup for full protection. These things mount up bulletproof! The fit is great and they cover everything. Unibiker looks to be a smaller company, but this product is on or above par with any bigger company like Works Connection. The materials used are all first rate. Great work Brian.

Unabiker web page.

Also a ThumperTalk advertiser.

I read in a post he would sell just the rear braces to a guy. I can tell they would work great alone, but I can't see a reason to not use the full guard/brace.

My rating is a full 10 of 10.

Thanks, how much were the rad braces - I need rad braces!

The full guards/braces are $85 + shipping.

I added a link to my review above.

Yeah, that guy was me. he sold them to me for $55+shipping. I just wanted to keep the stock louvers for the better flow/cooling. i should have them this week.

I'm curious do they actually work? I mean it looks like if you laid it down they would crush guards, braces, and all.

No braces or guards = weak

Braces only = pretty good, still crushable

Both braces and guards = fully boxed, and tied in strength

Nothing is full-proof, but this looks 10x stronger than using nothing at all. Braces only is at least twice as strong.

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