Looking for hubs for xr650r

Im looking for the front and rear hubs for a xr650r. I want to make some wheels. My current wheels have too many broken spokes and they just seem very weak. But id like to keep the old hubs on the old wheels.

Anyone know a place where I can buy them cheap and the rims as well as spokes?

Or better yet, anyone selling wheels?

This might be a good time to get supermoto wheels.

Barnums has some XR, CR/CRF rims, hubs, etc, recently at close out prices. I don't know if they have anymore or not, but the rims were purple or gray or other colors. Don't forget that rims can be powder coated to what ever color you want.

I have a like new front hud I pad $90 how about $75 + ship.

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