Stonyford Events Question...

When they run events at stonyford, does it pretty well shut the place down for everyone else?

We were planning on going Nov 11-14 but if there's an event, we'll probably change...


The place doesn't shut down for the events. It is still open for everyone.

But, just be aware that there is an event in progress and if you're on the trails take notice of where the course is.

I rode the Jackhammer yesterday on minute 2 and had some close calls with trail riders. Three times I meet trail riders on the course going the wrong way. Scared the F'ing crapola out of me, for when you're racing you just don't think about riders going backwards on the course.

...and with the perspective of the trail riders seeing us racers, I'd bet one of those guys peed his pants yesterday when he saw me coming, for I was riding as fast as I could and clipped his bars as I went by.

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