GPR 1.0 Installed pics

In another thread where I was complementing TT Store on fast delivery, I was asked to post pictures of my GPR install on my DRZ400S. I have some ProTaper SE bars (7/8") on it, so I stayed with the standard bar verion. The crossbar pad on the protapers is bonded to the bar, so I only trimmed 3/4th's of the way around it instead of all the way like I have seen. So, here we go with the pics.

First is the complete picture of it installed:


Next is the view from the headlight side:


I had to space out the speedometer slightly. In this picture you can see a small nylon washer, about 3/16" thick.


I mounted the key in the standard location with the stock bolts. You lose about 3/16" due to the thicker top clamp for the GPR, but there was still a lot of bolt in the triple clamp. I had to slightly trim the plate for the ignition to allow the GPR to sit flat. gpr-ignition-trim.jpg

Here is one with the cross bar up and you can see the GPR clearly and how I trimmed the pad.


And a close up of the stabilizer with the bar out of the way


It only took about an 45 minutes to an hour to install it. I bought it for two reasons, one to see if it would get rid of the slight shake I get above 60 mph and the main reason was for riding in sand. The shake is gone, but I haven't been in the sand yet.

Did you need to bend the cross bar to get over the GPR. I have a 1.0 GPR on my wr and would like to switch it back and forth. I needed to bend the bar for the wr. Just need the post mount for the drz.

Sorry, forgot to mention that I did slightly bend the cross bar. I thought I had another picture that showed that, but I guess I didn't.

Why GPR and not SCOTTS?

I've yet to decide, so figured i'd ask. :cry:

Cost basically. The Scotts has two adjustments(extra is for high speed dampening) and is free return to center. The GPR is less money and dampens on the return to center. Feature wise I didn't have a leaning towards either.

IC...thanks :cry:

Sorry for bringing up this old thread, but does anyone know if this installation would work with Renthal Jimmy Button bars, instead of the Protaper SE bars?

Also, how would bar risers affect this installation, if at all?

Thanks for all replies.

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