From XR-600R 87' to YZ-426F 01'

Hey I have been riding my XR for 2 years now and thought it might be a time to change so I bought a YZ-426 01' so I was wondering how much time on average do your have to spent in the garage on maintenance?????

I was going to write about how great this bike is but I that’s something you all know better then me so I would be very happy for every scrap of info I can get.

I had an XR600 a few bikes before the 426. The 600 is to front heavy, but great on dry ground.

Maintenance, about the same. I clean the air filter more often on the YZ. I am a mechanic by trade, so everything is done on a schedule. From greasing headstem bearings, wheel bearings, linkage, fluid changes, etc. It is about the same schedule. only that would be more frequent would be a top end inspection on the bike.

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