Hardwood Enduro

Anyone going to this enduro in Walnut Shade Mo?

It's actually the Hardwood Enduro. I am working the event. I was riding the trails yesterday, checking the mileage. It was great.

If you are unfamiliar with this event, it is the first year the enduro has been held on a private ranch. Before this, it was held at the off-road riding area outside Chadwick, MO.

We, the Ozark Mountain Trail Riders, starting cuting single track at the begining of summer. The extra short course is 15 miles, the short course is 45 miles and the long course is 75 miles.

Any specific questions?



What classes do they have? does your bike have to be street legal? and what about noise levels? thanks

Is there a website for the enduro?

OOps didn't check spelling. I'll fix it. Yes I do have one important question, person from BJEC wasn't sure, is there going to be a sound check?, and is a spark arrestor required?


I checked the flyer and didn't see if they will have a sound check, if so what will it be? Please let me know so I can get my bike setup before I go down. Is an AMA card required?

Sorry I didn't get to check thumpertalk before I left to go to Bull Creek Ranch for the Hardwood to put up arrows and mile markers. Of course, I had no internet connection at the enduro.

Did anyone make it to the enduro?

I was there placed ninth in Open C, I took to many smoke breaks, burned the 3rd or 4th check point by 4min and waited for Hurricane twice. It was really technical trail, who ever cut the trail did a great job. :cry: I'll diffinetly be there next year. I'm considering joining BJEC for next year but not sure I'll be able to make 9 events. That's alot of travelin.

Were you taking a smoke break at the top of a long hill with a guy on a Honda CRF? He was from Ava. I came up the hill, on a WR450, and asked if you guys had quit. About that time another rider came up the hill and barely made it.

I took the Honda rider and the third rider back to camp.

Yes, I laid out a lot of the trail and did all the mileage, speed averages, resets, check locations, etc...

If you can ride that enduro, you can ride any of them!

If you are looking for other riders from St. Louis to share the traveling, you might want to put a post on www.blackjackenduro.com.



That was me. I went on and did the whole course, loved the second part :cry:. I houred out about 6 miles from finish. Never really explored the website for BJEC, it's 2nd on my list of favorites, found the discussion board will post for next year races. Do you have the same screenname on Hillbilly Gran Prix Webpage?

Yeah, I'm Spokes on www.hillbillygp.com

I'm glad you enjoyed the enduro.

Have you tried any Hillbilly GPs?

Plan on going to the Thayer HBGP and may even do the Bull Creek. Is the trail at Bull Creek going to be the same or is another going to be cut? Are you going to do any?

I do a lot of the work with the computers for the Hillbilly series. So, I've raced the series off and on for several years. This year I made it to Seymour for the first race and then I went to Oklahoma City for the Black Jack enduro the day of the Highlandville race. Unfortunately, it was raining so bad in OK City, that we didn't unload the bikes.

I plan on being at Thayer, if the weather is good. Thayer is my least favorite track of the series. It's too fast and has the motocross track.

As far as the HBGP at Bull Creek, when I last talked to Spud about it, he said there would be a short section of connecting trail needed to make a four mile loop, but for the most part, it is going to use existing trails. We want to keep the amount of intersections to a minimum. It' makes putting on a race easier with fewer intersections.


The Thayer race as a MX track in the middle of it? I don't like that, I don't do big air jumps. I may re-think that one. I'll try and be at Bull Creek.

The Thayer race has uses the MX track. It uses the MX starting gate and most of the track. I'm not one for jumps, but there were none that were dangerous if you came up short. The trail is also pretty open.

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