Prospect OHV Area

Well I made it out there last week. We were hunting up the divide about 10 miles from Woodruff staging area and ended up riding last Wed., in fact it's closed for a week right now due to the high Cascade elk hunt.

First thing I noticed were a lot of roads, in fact most of the area is roads (shared use) with a few trails. The Woodruff play area is a lot of fun with some tracks and a sand pit to play in, we ended up spending some time there. We wanted to be sure we could get the Golden Staircase trial in as it looked like the best one in the area so we hit a couple on the way to that one, then the fun began. That trail is probably the funnest I've ridden in Oregon, I had no idea that there were trails like that in this state. It went up close to 3000 feet in elevation over the top of rock bluffs and cliffs, through scree fields, switchbacks that you had to dismount to negotiate and epic scenery. It wasn't very hard but it was extremely nervy, I mean when you look down off of a foot wide trail and the ground is a 100 feet below you it can play with you're mind a little bit. I can't wait to do it again but I'll probably have to wait til next year as it closes at the end of Nov. I hear they actually have a race over it, that would be FUN!



It wasn't a race but a dualsport ride for the "A" riders. It was used in 02 & 03 in "The Prospect Dualsport 100."


So how's the rest of the area? We stayed around the Woodruff Staging area mostly, met one guy from White City who says there are some fun trails on the other side of 62 to the north (above Union Creek). We might camp at Carol (sp) staging area next year for hunting and ride in the off times, besides the one camp there had 3 nice bucks hanging, we got a small 3 point off the top of the divide.


we stay at Hamacker(sp) snow park when we go. there are a lot of fun trails there also with little road. We were there two weekend ago when the first snow hit , Man it was awesom with no dust the best riding we have had there yet. I seen on the road cam at diamond lake jct there is quite a bit of snow there and maybe winters here .

Maybe we`ll see you there next year.


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