Georgetown rain closure

Email from Georgetown ranger station:

To All,

Yesterday's storm brought 1.76 inches of rain to the rain gauge at the

Georgetown Ranger Station. This is enough rain to trigger a closure of the

Rock Creek Trails to OHVs, bicycles and equestrians. The trails will

remain closed until there has been a 48 hour drying period. Please call

(530) 333-4312 for the current status of the trails.

Even though we post the trail closure on the ground, put a notice on the

Eldorado National Forest website and put the trail closure on the telephone

recording for when the office is closed, we would appreciate you sharing

this notice with your contacts and members.

Thank you,

Jon Jue, Resource Officer

Georgetown Ranger District

Eldorado National Forest



We left sunday and it was raining pretty hard. Do they close the trails at foresthill like this?

I think Forresthill is open year round (unless fire restrictions are in effect). I have ridden up there in the snow and some rain. Sounds like g-town is going to be perfect for this next weekend, it needed the rain. :cry:

BUCKETS OF RAIN, that's what I saw Sunday at Georgetown. I kinda thought it would close shortly after we left.

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