Any Vegas Riders

Are there any Vegas Riders on this forum? I'm stationed on Nellis and would like to see more than just the NE side. Usually ride on saturdays in the morning.

we could show you some trails but then we would have to kill you...just kidding. Call Jim at 207-0742 day or night

How bout next weekend? I'll give you a call. What side of town do you live and where do you want to ride?

Most anytime works for me. I mostly ride in the south las vegas area. Endless trails with great access to death valley, dumont dunes ect.

slow poke,

Want to go riding this weekend? send me a PM.

YES!!! I want to go riding this weekend. You can call anytime friday and i'll be around. 207-0742 home or 806-7306 cell

Slow Poke,

Had a good time and am looking forward to riding with you and the old man again. Hope I'm at least 1/2 that fast when I'm his age. The moantain goat trails were interesting and hell of a work out on the BRP.

I'm really glad you came with. You guys seemed to be moving at a good pace the entire day. I should have my problems worked out by this weekend. Should be fun to run with the big dogs next time. Give a call if your interested in going again. The old man always has something new in mind each weekend. Its almost prime temp for a death valley run. See what time you can get off if your interested in going. Talk to ya later...Jim

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