YZ426 SM setup question...front wheel aligned to the left?

I just setup my yz426 with excels/talons and noticed the front wheel sits to the left in the forks (when looking at the bike head-on). Has anyone noticed this, or corrected it? Other than that everything fit ok. :cry:

Are you sure you have the axle inserted as far as it will go? On my 426 with the stock hubs, the axle feels like it's firmly seated even when there's another couple milimeters to go. I use a rubber mallet to coax the axle into place... so that it's flush with the outside of the right fork leg.

correct it by adjusting your spokes. quarter turn

looser on the side you want to move away

from (for you left), and quarter turn tighter on the

opposite side spokes. do this until centered.

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