Insulated riding gloves?

I've been having some trouble locating any decent cold weather riding gloves. I figured in my favorite forum I'd get the best suggestions.

I'm looking for a pair that's not bulky like ski gloves. If anybody's got some tried and true suggestions please let share your experiences.

It's 'a gettin' chilly in the mornin'!

Thanks in advance,

Tom :cry:

i wear Icon Border Patrol Gloves. They are nice, although i noticed that they are a bit big inside the hand guards on the bars.

but definately warm.

Thanks aproy,

Those look like they'ed do the job, but like you mention, they do restrict movement inside your bark-busters.


try a pair of neoprene gloves, scuba gloves... walmarts and kmarts carry them as cold weather hunting gloves also.. they are pretty cheap and work even better if it starts to get wet out.... apair of polypropoleyne (sp) liners under them increase the warmth even more... might also want to look at some LARGE brush guards on your barkbuster to deflect the wind from your hands more.... MS Racing use to sell, and still might a pair that velcro'd onto your barkbusters that were pretty big. Then you can take them off when not needed...

I've got the Moose BB's and Brush guards. They are pretty big and deflect LOTS of air. It's just gettin' chilly here already. I'll have to take a look at those, but neoprene doesn't tend to last very long. The polypro liners inside regular riding gloves might work well though, i'd just have to get a bigger size to accommodate the added layer.

Thanks for the idea! :cry:

Similar situation and I found that a pair of glove liners work best. Sorry, don't know brand, but you can pick them up at a local sporting goods store in the Ski / Snow section. They work awsome. They are tight and thin - you wear them with your normal riding gloves. The best thing is that you can keep your favorite riding gloves and have the option of taking the liners off your hands when it gets warm.


Winter riding gloves for bicyclists work well. Check your local bike (i.e bicycle) shop. I have a pair of neoprene gloves from WalMart but they are bulky, keep them handy for when it's wet/rainy/snowy & cold. Winter cycling gloves have worked well for me in a wide range of conditions except for hours of riding in the rain.

Excellent! Thanks! Another idea that hadn't occurred to me... :cry: :cry:

I have a pair of Thor Wind gloves that are Orange :cry: but work so well I wear them anyway. I havent been able to find any more but if I do I will buy more in any color. I also use Elephant ears made by my freind's wife and we ride all winter.

Fox Thermal Paw are great gloves! They are pricey ($40)but well worth it! answer yet...who's got em? :cry:


awesome glove

Another Great Answer!!! THANKS!!! When it rains, it pours! :cry: :cry:

I have a pair of Thor Wind gloves that are Orange :cry: but work so well I wear them anyway.

I have the same gloves, same color!! They work great but i generally don't ride for extended periods below 40.

I also have a thor windchill jersey. That works excellent too.

Keep in mind i ride in new england. Mostly tight twisty stuff. Avg speed about 18 to 20 mph, No extended open high speed runs.

I hate big bulky gloves so I use electric hand warmers. They fit under your grips and have 2 different settings, hi + lo.

They work great.

Up there where you live, i'd see that as a must, like on a snowmobile, or quad, or in your case your bike!

Down here in AZ (southern) that's a little extreme.

I'm definately with you on the bulky glove P.I.T.A thing, that's why I started this thread, to solve that problem. This is why I'm giving the Fox Thermal Paws a try. They are the least bulky of all the suggested glove solutions yet. If that doesn't do the trick, which it probably will, I'll go with the polypro insert idea, as that will most likely be the next thing. The MSR Cold Pros seem bulky, but not as bad as ski gloves.

Thanks Kelso :cry:

MSR Cold Pro gloves. Those are the real deal.

Really? Aren't they bulky? What about these: Thor Windchill

These are only $25 and seem everybit as good as the Fox Thermal Paw.

I find your suggestion quite interesting bigbob, since your climate there is quite similar to mine here.

Are the MSR's less bulky than they appear? :cry:

I haven't riden with them yet. I bought them because ET, a fellow TTer and long time AA enduro rider had a pair at a dual sport I was on last month at 7000 ft in the sierra nevada where we got a freak early snow storm ice slush, cold wet rain the hands with my MX FOX paw gloves were frozen wet and he had wore his cold pros. He told me Cold Pros are the best. Now if they were too bulky this AA rider would have had another glove on not those. I trust this guy that's the bottom line.

The gloves do not feel bulky on my hands. Those fox thermal paws seem like injection mold rubbers..... I don't like those and they are way over priced.

MSR Cold Pro the glove the Pros wear! :cry:

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