MCCT and footpeg eliminator..................

just recieved and installed the manual cam chain tensioner from machinist and the footpeg eliminator bracket from motobits. I cant tell you how impressed I am with these two gentlemen. 100% professional and the quality of the product is hands down the best. Others around me have fitted their DRZ's with the APE tensioner and I can tell you that the quality is not nearly as good. I was leery of purchasing from Canada when I could get it locally but the TT community steered me straight. Thanks to everyone who suggested and recommended these two. DG :cry: :cry:

Just got mine from machinist as well and all I can say is it is a work of art. :cry: Nice work Machinist :cry:

Not only does he do good work but he also stands behind it. When my engine blew he offered to replace my mcct for my peace of mind even though there is almost no chance that the old one could have been damaged. His customer service is the best.

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