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Who uses WMR suspension too.

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I was wondering if anybody else was using WMR suspension. I have been using them for the year, and have had problems, but their fixing them. Ifirst sent my suspension off to get softer spring since i weigh 140lbs. I first got my suspension back and It was sticking. They thougt that it was their mistake so i sent it back. they said they fixed it and it was the exact same. called them up a couple weeks later and they said that Honda had a recall on the honds bushings. So i sent it back again. got it back and it was the [@#$%&*!] same. I figured out that they softened the rear which was good but HARDENED the front. Im so pissed. I told them i was not paying for the shiping again, so they are going to send me the softer springs , and i have to pay somebody to put them it. it sucks, but their good people.

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