Dove Springs up to the Puites Saturday 10/23

I'd like to leave from Dove Springs and head west up into the Puite Mtns. The first 25 miles is fireroads and the last 25 is fireroads. 110 mile fuel range. Enter the wilderness on the Bright Angel trail and head up into the forest. I'm an advanced novice on an XR650, so nothing to steep and scary! Should be nice out there after this rain.

Any takers?


Do you have to be dual sported? Also, how much gas do you carry to go 110 miles. I ride a CR 250 with a 3.4 gallon tank. Even if I carry an extra gallon I dont think I'll get 110 miles.

I'm not sure about your CR. I've got a 4.3 gallon tank on my XR and have no problem. It's a total of 50 miles of fireroads before the single track.

Before I got the big tank, I rode with an antifreeze bottle hung over my shoulder like a purse. I rode up to the wilderness, then poured the gas in my bike. I left the bottle in the bushes and picked it up on the way out. Just an idea.

This is all offroad. No need to be dual sported.


If it doesn't snow up around Gorman, we might do Los Padres loop on Saturday. This would be about 85 miles total. 40%single tract and 60%fireroad/jeep trail.

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