Valve help

Hi guys just finished doing my high comp piston install which went okay, but is the wiseco piston supposed to be noiser than stock? Now the problem the problem is that I was starting to install the R/D spring kit and tryed one and as per their instructions I put the kit in but when the shim is placed on top of the valve when fully assembled it is sticking out more than the standard springs?

So what do I have to do to solve this? I put the standard spings next the R/D ones and they are taller in height.

What am I doing wrong? So I put the standard one back in and rebuild as normal. This spring height is new to me and I thought the new springs would be a straight swap?


The R/D Ti spring kit was a direct swap on 10gys head.. Did it just the other day.

Are you useing the supplied spring cups? or the stock ones? There are no shims supplied with that kit,,,that is up to the installer to supply if needed.

High comp pistons are always noiser than lower comp ones, at least all of the ones I have heard are. It is not necessarily the piston but the sound of the compression increase I believe.

R/D springs are taller than stock when sitting loose. You pull the stock bottom spring seat out, install the R/D ones. Place the spring on it, place the R/D retainer on top and install.

I used everything that was supplied in the kit, assembled the kit as per the same way as the stock items were and before I put the bucket on I put the shim onto where it normally sits on the end off the valve and it wasn't flush flat. Instead it was sticking up.

Do I need to reshim all four or do I use the current ones again?

Awwww, that shim :cry:. It is supposed to sit up above the retainer to adjust the valves, if it doesn't then the retainer is actually setting the valve gap and it might be a little difficult to adjust the setting. Put it all together including the cams and then rotate it through the cycle by hand carefully at first, after a few rotations to settle everything in check your valve gap and adjust as normal. Once your valves are set you should be good to go.

The confusion was caused because yosh uses shims on the valve springs themselves to preload them and that way they can run the 11K cdi with stock springs.

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