picture of why you should ware chest armor

this is some pictures of "gumboot digger".

Digger BUY SOME FU-KING BOOTS buddy!!!!!!! Modern boots are VERY comfortable, right out of the box. allot more comfortable then sitting in bed for 3 months with a smashed foot!!!!!!




wow, that's just nuts. :cry:

I had something very similar happen to me, except with me it was a stick through my boot. I was tired and I was riding a logging road and letting my feet drag to rest my legs..well next thing I know my right foot is up and behind me and bouncing up and down...I look back and there is a 3 foot stick stuck into my boot, so I stop, wiggle my foot, everything seemed fine. the stick had gone in on the top of my boot on the inside above my instep, gone under my instep and was sitting against the outside of my heel.

so what did i do next...well I was way ahead of my riding buddies so a skidded the bike down and onto it's side in the ditch and then waited till they came and screamed bloody murder for a minute untill one of them was gonna leave to call 911 and then told them I was joking. I know I'm an ass...but they got even later.

bottom line...good gear is IMPORTANT, but so is luck. :cry:

Note to self: Don't move back east and ride in the woods.

wow, great ad for wearin a chest protector :cry:

He kind of looks like Goerge Bush in the second pic.

Note to self: Don't move back east and ride in the woods.

that is the west, that is all Alder trees. Frasier Valley {vancouver}.

:cry: :cry:

Why's he riding around with a stick in his shirt? :cry:

Isn't that the same guy who took the spill on his motard? :cry:

no, totally different guy. the guy on the xr wares boots.

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