Tigcraft anyone?

Geez, 3 billion posts on these forums and not a single one about Tigcraft frames? I was hoping someone around here could comment on the minimono R0.5, is it worth the $$??

A bit expensive, but the thought of using my YZ450F motor in a 125GP-sized frame sounds very VERY appealing to me... Anyone went the "cheap" route and stuffed that engine in a RS/TZ125 chassis? Let's hear it!

How about a link! Your first post and it's gimmie gimmie gimmie.

well i just got back from www.tigcraft.com and read a great review by Alan Cathcart, but other than that i couldn't find much information. The frame alone costs around $4500 not to mention i will have to sabotage my 450F and RS125 bikes to build it, so would like to hear more before i do it... I know Gregor from team Incomplete has one of them, but doesn't say much except "it works".

while it may have a thumper engine and this is thumpertalk it's about dirt bikes around here and someone on this site has already stuffed a thumper mill into an RS50 frame I'm not sure who it was, I don't think you will get many responses from people who have done this. Unless you have a few thumper motors and extra cash laying around I can't understand why you would ruin a dirt bike in the first place.

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