Lovin the 250!

I've taken a couple rides on my '03 TT-R250 and I'm lovin it! I haven't had a bike for about 10 years and I forgot how much fun they are. Yesterday was my biggest ride yet, I went about 40 miles about ten of which were across open marsh/tundra. It was such a blast, most the time in the marsh I was in second gear because of the roughness of the terrain but the bike has a lot of power in second. If there was a real wet spot I could just slip the clutch a little, pick up the rev's and pop the clutch and the front tire would just lift on up and I'd cruise right through. Although about 15 minutes into my ride I managed to get water over both my tires and had to walk the bike out because the bog I was crossing was too soft on the bottom, it was actually more like a rice patty there. The worst part about this was that it was about 38 degrees out and the water had ice floaties in it. The next hour and a half were really cold... water inside my steel toe shoes and over halfway up my jeans. But hey I should be used to that right, I'm an Alaskan... Yeah Right! No matter how cold I was and how bad the pain when I started regaining feeling in my legs and feet, it was totally worth it. I'll do it again in a heartbeat if I get the chance. I really do need to get some riding boots though, I'm just asking for trouble with my low top work shoes.

Anyways, I just wanted to share my first experiences out with you all. Attached are a few pics of my new toy:

Click pictures for larger view.



One more but only large size.

Now on to the mods! I'm deffinately going for the air box and a little rejetting. Might uncork the stock exhaust but I really do like the noise levels right now.

What about the noise? If you think the bike is a little to loud as is, I would strongly suggest against the mega max exhaust system. I just had is put on my 2000 TTR 250 and it is ungodly loud in comparison. Might have to order some more sleaves for it to try and quiet it down. But I just wanted to say congrats on the new purchase!!!!

I'm really happy with the noise right now, it's a lot quieter than my snowmobile. I'm not sure how loud I'd be comfortable with though, it's kind of risky to spend $250 just to find out it's not worth the noise...

Yeah, if you are happy with the noise right now then I say leave it alone. Personally I like the deaper tone given to my bike by the exhaust, but the db lvl might be a little high for off road rideing.

Man those TTR250's are nice looking. I got a WR250 for the performance, but I wish the same designer did the plastics, cause the WRF/YZF has some ugly plastic number panels.

I live in the Rocky Mountains at 6500 to 7000 ft. elevation so my bike is starving for air. I'm wanting to start doing some mods. My first thought is to open up the air box and exhaust. Do you guys have any suggestions which would be the best muffler for the 03 TTR250? Any other suggestions would be appreciated too. I need to learn about the jetting here before long. There is probably a thread here somewhere that addresses that, i'll keep looking.

thanks a bunch,


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