SRC Fender brace for 650R - - good buy!

I put one of those euro dual sport kits on the BRP and the rear tire would chew on the license plate holder. So I coughed up $75 and bought the heavier UFO fender. Guess what, it was still chewing on my fender. Bought the SRC fender brace and problem solved. Had to do some extra triming on the UFO fender. If anyone has floppy fender syndrome, I reccomend just the SRC brace.

You put the front or rear fender on the BRP? Do you need to trim for the brace...? I have seen that front fender trimming causing a lot of flex, a LOT! What did you pay for the SRC brace.

Rear Fender Brace Honda XR-650R Part # 1007 Price $66. Bought it directly from They put it in a Fedex box and I got it two days cross country.

A small amount of trimming for the stock fender, a little more for a UFO fender. It took me about 2 hours to get it on right since I was paranoid I was going to strip the nuts in the subframe. With the UFO fender the bolts tended not to go in straight and would cross thread. It was a major pain in the A$$. If you got a heavy fender bag or bulky license plate hanging on the fender, the SRC brace is the ticket and you can skip the UFO fender. It also makes a good place to grab your bike versus the plastic fender itself when putting on your stand.

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