tank/shroud decals

I'm putting new tank and shroud decals on my bike. This is my first time removing old and putting on new. I've read to drain the tank of gas so it doesn't effect the adhesive.....I did this. Beyond that, is there any prep work I should be aware of?

I'd appreciate any tips you guys use before I "commit" to putting on the new stuff.

Thanks in advance.

Clean your plastics with alcohol right before you put the graphics on. I drained my tank and let it sit for a good 4 days before i put my graphics on and I have to say there are almost no bubbles at all :cry:( knocks on wood). There are some small ones but, other that those it looks great. No humongus bubbles anymore hopefully.

Peel off one corner and line it up/stick it on...if it looks in place then slowly peel the back off as you stick it on. I read somewhere to have a blowdryer handy so that you can heat them up and make them more "moldable" as you are applying them. It worked good for me.

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