Whats wrong?

I was riding this weekend on my kxf and all of a sudden I had a huge loss of power. I shut it down and have not done anything with it yet. Anybody maybe know whats wrong?

Well, what have you looked at? If you have a sudden loss of power then start by making sure that the air filter is clean. Then make sure the vent hoses (carb. and gas cap) are clear. Do you have an exhaust restriction? Do you know how to work on a bike? People amaze me that they have a small problem that is easily fixed by ROUTINE maintance, and it becomes a huge issue. If you take care of your bike and tell everyone that everythings looks good and it lost power, now you have something. Go wash your bike off and do some maintenance on it and see how it runs. Then come tell us what's wrong with it. :cry:

totally agree with you isaac. For starters are you sure there is enough fuel in the tank, the air filter isn't clogged and the valves are in spec?

Whoa guys. Immediately blaming me. FYI I just checked my valves about a month ago, I had changed the oil and both of the filters 1 ride before and right when I got home I washed the bike and looked at all of the electrical connections. I did not check the carb vent hoses but I did check the gas tank right when I did it. Anything else you would like to critisize me on??? :cry:

Amything could be wrong! It wouldnt be electical if it lost power yet still ran. You just checked your valves a month ago, id say check them every two rides. With those tit valves and valve springs they tend to move alot. Id say check your valves, if there fine, try to start it again and if it doesnt run pull the head off. Make sure someone didnt turn your check valve on your fuel vent line around.

Thanks Mike, you been riding much lately?

I hate to tell you this, but if you would have said what all you checked in the first post I wouldn't have gotten an attitude about it. I just get sick of everybody saying, "my bike broke, how do I fix it?" It gets old seeing posts like this all day long. Agree? Lets just say that next time anybody has a problem go into detail about what you were doing and how you maintain your bike. Then others can give better feedback faster.

The "search" button works good also. Most problems/topics have been talked about.

+1 Hey, how about that! I got another post to my name. Geez this is easy, right dirt? :cry:

Whent to cycle ranch last weekend. Thought I was going pretty good cuz I was pulling from guys I usually dont, then Voss and Howerton passed me like I was standing still.

I tried to start it today and it wouldnt start. It also had very low compression. I was thinking maybe the rings or maybe a stuck valve???

Wannathump... just so you know, I shimmed my intake valve when it lost clearance (..the first time). I rode a 32 mile loop of trails, and re-checked it, and it'd lost clearance already. That was maybe two hours of riding. If they start moving, they don't last long.

...not dogging you. Just letting you know what happened to me.

You won't know for sure what your problem is till you crack it open. It could be a ring... there have been a few cracked pistons... you may have just lost clearance in your intake valve (..that's what mine did... almost no compression and wouldn't start).

Start with checking the valve clearances... if they're good, then start digging deeper.



If it ain't starting pop the valve cover and check those clearances.

Your left intake valve will be worn out. The 04 have heating issues because of the rev limiting design in the CDI box. The 04 heating problems cause the valve buckets to drag and allow the intake valve (left one usually) to snap shut, wearing out the valve face prematurely. Make sure to torque the cam caps to 84 inch pounds. Any over tightenng can cause warpage and continued valve or cam failures.

shurshot, u can't say definetively that his intake valve is shot. On what do you base your theory that the valve issues are coming from the cdi box? I have an 04 and it hasn't overheated or lost spec on the valves.

I really like how everyone in here can diagnose someone else's bike on the opposite coast with just the quick strokes of the keyboard. Why can't I have something like this in the automotive industry? I would love to pull a car in the shop type up some lame excuse for what broke and have someone in Oregon tell me what broke. I'm glad everybody knows that nly 1 part ever breaks on a dirt bike! :cry: :cry: :lol::cry: :cry: :lol::cry:

I'm only giving another possible cause to the valve issues. The rev limiter in the 2005 CDI Box has been changed due to heating issues as well as for performance enhancements. That comes from a Kawasaki factory insider. I personally run 3 RMZ250's that haven't had any problems either. But I have fixed several others that have had problems. The heating issue is minor but is a problem.

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