tank/shroud decals?

I'm putting new tank and shroud decals on my bike. This is my first time removing old and putting on new. I've read to drain the tank of gas so it doesn't effect the adhesive.....I did this. Beyond that, is there any prep work I should be aware of?

I'd appreciate any tips you guys use before I "commit" to putting on the new stuff.

Thanks in advance.

Don't know if you have already done it, but I just did mine yesterday. I don't know why the gas in the tank would affect the stickers outside the tank. Sounds like a waste of time. Anyway, the adhesive from the old stickers is a pain in the a** to take off. DO NOT USE ACETONE!! It will turn your plastic white. The best thing to use is carburetor cleaner. It sprays like WD-40, it cuts through grease, dirt, glue, etc..., it is not abrasive or too strong for plastic, and best of all it is CHEAP! If ever in doubt about what to use for any cleaning (parts, grease stains, etc..) this stuff does the job. :cry: :cry:

For Gods sake NO !!!!!

Do you know how much OE stickers are .

In the UK side panels are about about $13 each the stickers are $ 50 each .

Buy replacement plastics and after market stickers then put the new OE on when you sell.

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