What's Brushy Mountain like?

How many miles of single-track do they have? I've heard it's all wide open stuff.

We may go up this Saturday if you want to see in person.

or try http://www.bmmspark.com/

A good place but a little high on price.

You going 450? I think I will too. I need to make one phone call first to see what's happening.

I want be able to make it this Saturday unfortunately. But do you know about how much singletrack? The phone number they have just gives a recording, and I didn't see anything about there singletrack on the website. The reason I'm asking is because a couple of people have said they heard it was all wide open 4-wheeler stuff.

You have to dig deep on thier website but it says there is 22.5 miles of Bike trails and 20 mile of ATV trails.

YFZ I am going to try my best to make it up to Brushy this Saturday morning. :cry: :cry:

I saw that. I guess I'm all worried because a guy I met last weekend said it was all "wide enough to drive a bobcat through". Hopefully he was all wet, I really want to ride some new trails. :cry:

It is not really technical or tight riding.

I would compare it to Brown Mt. but with a little more roots, rocks, and mud.

The other guy that you talked to was probably correct, I could get our skidsteer through about anywhere on the trails that I have been.

Brushy really pushes safety. They closed off a section of a trail one time, because a few people ( that apparrently could not ride ) flipped thier ATV's over on a hill. We rode through on Bikes and I really did not see where they could have been talking about. :cry:

Bottomline;; A good trail riding place but even though it is less than an hour from my house I dont frequent it much at all.

Terry and I are going up Sunday morning, if that works for you.

Open spaces and flowing trails is a good thing to me. I'll leave the tight trails where you beat the bike against every tree and rock for the one speed trials bikes.

I could be there by 1pm Sun. if you think you will still be there and ready to ride. ( or anytime Sat. )

NC MOUNTAINMAN pmed me earlier and he may be there also.

I'll be getting there around 11 and will stay until about 4 maybe 5.

I don't nessesarily want to ride 1st gear bang the handlebar on every other tree tight, but I like a singletrack trail that would be hard to impossible to get a 4-wheeler through. There are allot of us who like that stuff, so I hope they will make some in the future.

The Brown Mountain enduro will be up there this year, so hopefully they will cut some singletrack for that and then leave it open for trail riders.

we can be there sun. probly around 11 also,i look like grizzly adams and wear carhardts,all blue wr450. shouldn't be to hard to find!....bob :cry:

Sounds like a plan. Look for a Red F150 with a 04 CRF450 on a trailer behind @ 1PM. I might have my brother with me on a WR250 if his boss will let him out to play!!

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