Lots oh pics and vids... in fact all of them todate.

Lets start off with some pictures for you low speed folks.

These are links to shotty write-ups and sweet pictures.

2003 enduro, Shelaps mt range + mt Truax

2004 enduro, shelaps mt range +North

Now the fun part, videos. These files are too big to steam, you have to.

Right click and "save target as". you also might need to install Divx 4 or 5 to view the vids.

Endless hill climbs...my first "good" dirt vid

VMC.... enduro's vs trials

3 hour enduro.......my first off road race

YamahaMadness 1

YamahaMadness2... these 2 speak for them selfs

Now, dirt bikes on the pavment....

dallas and me crashing..... why you should NOT ride like an assh-le on the road.

R1 vs WR450...... Greg and I braking lots of laws

Victoria supermoto......NOT filmed or edited my be.

Off the road again........on 4 wheels. my truck is the one in the last clip.

Winter 4x4ing in canada......competition and adventure footage.

**NOTE** Some of the above contain music or content that you might love, or hate. if you have vergin ears, turn your sound down. if you have an appresheation for more then one type of music, turn you sound WAY up.

I also have to say :worthy:squidword :cry: is a god among men for hosting all this for me and others....so, when he gets his system finished, BUY one.


The first two vids dont work. All of the reat were really good. I like the yamaha madness videos a lot.

dude my server's doing overtime with all the new vids and now this post. If I get close to my limit, don't be suprised if I simply shut it down.

weel then, i can kill all the links if you want........

No, it's fine. Me and my buddy are doing some work this week to minimize repetitive downloads. Forcing 'save as' rather than letting them stream so we can save a ton of bandwidth.

I cringe at thinking how expensive it'd be to go over my 2 terrabyte limit. Like $1 per gigagbyte.. at the rate the server's been spitting out data the past 4 days.. It'd be easy to hit $600 fees if I didn't keep a close eye on it.

The closer we come to product release the further we get from just 'sharing a server' with random people. But soon we'll have an upload feature.. and also accounts for uploading, etc. We may end up limiting 2 complete downloads per IP address per week, watermarks.. No direct linking.. converting all files to divx or the likes.. and just all around smaller files, ie splitting. Stuff like that. It's all iffy though. :cry:

how do you force the user to DL it rather then stream it?

Every program that downloads something from a server has a unique signature to it. Unless the software tells my server it's something else.. Regardless, there's always something told.

Here's a snippet from the log of my server...

HTTP/1.1 Windows-Media-Player/ - -

2004-10-18 05:45:46 [iP Address Removed] - W3SVC5 GET /video/wide_open_2.wmv - 206 0 19556528 286

You can tell the difference between Internet Explorer, Netscape, Firefox, etc. Including Windows Media Player. When something downloads from my server using the Windows Media Player signature you know it's being streamed. Just don't allow any 'Windows Media Player's to download.

That's the simple way anyhow. There's also alot of server side programming you can do to tell exactly what's happening.. ie. I could truncate the bandwidth if you know someone's downloading a video faster than it can be displayed to their screen. Say you start streaming yamahamadness to windows media player, it's buffering/downloading much faster than you can watch it.. So we could send it a bit slower in case you decide to close media player only halfway through. In a normal case you'd have just downloaded 100% of it for only watching 50%. But, streaming servers like that sacrifice cpu cycles for bandwidth.

Lots of different ways to do things. Deciding which way is the hard part.

At the moment I'm re-encoding all the videos using Windows Media (.wmv) and adding a watermark. Compressed your yamahamadness(1) down to ~65mb and about the same quality.

Sweet Vids! Made my boring day at work a good deal more emjoyable. :cry:

Thanks for hosting them for us squidward, it's appreciated.

Sweet Vids! Made my boring day at work a good deal more enjoyable

that what it is all about. i started to make vid just because there where not enough that i liked being shared. i believe i have helped with this "problem". but there still inst enough going around:goofy: :cry: :cry:

Great stuff man!!!

Makes me wanna go ride the tight n nastys!!!! :cry: :cry: :cry:

update. first 2 vids working. thx squideeee :cry:

none of them are working for me :cry: i really wanna see them. the site either doesn't open a new window, or when it does it just brings up a white page that never loads.

RIGHT click on the link to the vid. then "save target as".

Thank you for the vids....i know it is hard work but they are truly awesome and inspiring.

On your 3hr enduro....around the 1:43 mark....there is a silver hybrid looking motorcycle. It looks half trials and half enduro--any information on this? I thought it might be a Pampera 280 but not sure. I have seen something like it once before but would like to know more about it if anyone knows??

I tried to download a couple of your vids. I get sound but no picture

I tried to download a couple of your vids. I get sound but no picture

All of the videos ending in wmv are windows media 9 codecs. Goto the microsoft site and download them if you need. http://www.microsoft.com/windows/windowsmedia/format/codecdownload.aspx

If you're refering to the .avi's, those are divx codecs. Download the divx codec from www.divx.com

ps - The enduro video simply has no sound, I'll fix it when I get time. For now I goto sleep. :cry:

Where was YamahaMadness1 recorded? It looks like the North East.

Where was YamahaMadness1 recorded? It looks like the North East.

In BC, Simon@tvic is the rider.

how do you know what kind of file they are? :cry:

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