Frank Raines Condition?

Anyone know if they have re-opened the upper trails (what little there are) at frank Raines ohv area west of Patterson. They have been closed every since the last fire over a year ago. Riding's limited when its open, but they sure have nice camp areas. Thanks Mike in Modesto

havent been out there this year , thought they opened the ridge and then someone found a wild onion growing and closed it a couple of years ago .never got to ride the ridge never seen the top, camp sites are nice some friends of mine camp out there at thanksgiving, seen trial rides going on there and buggies i guess everything motorized can go

It was still closed in Feb. of this year. Didn't look like much growth had started. Took me about 15 minutes to ride everything that was still open......on a trials bike.

Ride on


i didnt know there was a fire , when was it .

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