05 KTM''s

I was looking at the 05 KTM's and noticed on the EXC and MXC models that they have a new swingarm. I was told that the swingarm is one piece and slightly longer, I also noticed that on these models that the swingarm is no longer polished as the years before and is a flat gray color...

Which I really dont like...I like the shiny chrome better.

I was wondering if anyone has any information on this new swingarm set up on the EXC and MXC models...any information good or bad would be appericated.

And does anyone know if these new swingarms can be polished up like the other ones.


Take care & be safe


Tccra X18

Toro A417-A401

The swingarm is "a stronger, one-piece, cast unit". You should be able to polish it if that's what you want, but why would you? Just for the look?

Who cares what it looks like if it works better? :cry:

Storm Trooper is right. Its all cast. There are no welds on the whole thing. I admit that I like the polished look too, but the look of that new swingarm has really been growing on me lately.

I have to admit though it looks as if it were a leftover from something else. There is a real big space up in front of the shock and plastic covers over some round cavities that look like the swingarm was designed for use of a linkage type rear shock. :cry:

Thanks for the replys...I do like the polish over the flat gray. To me it looks better and it also cleans easier and does not spot like I heard??? not really sure about the spotting or staining, its just want I was told.

Thanks again

The round holes are from the casting process, not where a linkage should bolt in. The big space up front is there on all KTM's even pre 05. If it was a solid chunk of aluminum up there, everyone would complain about the weight. The swingarm is a new, KTM exclusive, design.

Ok, well now I feel a little better. Somebody somewhere said they were leftover Husaberg swingarms. :cry: Whatever it is it works great.

The 05 EXC swingarm is specifically designed to suit the 18 inch wheel. Its design allows for better resistance to flex generated by an 18 inch wheel (Don't ask me what that is). Team KTM manager told me that it made by the same company that makes the Husaberg arm and thats why it looks similar. I think they look great in the flesh. Remember KTM owns Husaberg.


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