What's the best engine guards for DRZ magnesium covers?

I know we can all glue steel covers on our DRZ's clutch and magneto (and I assume generator for my "S" model) covers on the sides of our engines (CFC, etc.), but doesn't someone somewhere make real metal covers that I don't have to use perm-a-tex to glue them on? I hate the idea of having to glue something onto my new bike! :cry: You guys got any ideas? :cry:

well, if you can't get over the CFC's install method, look on ebay for some billet covers, but you're only gonna find one side. then again, those are only aluminum, so don't reckon your gonna do anything but spend more money for less coverage. IMHO...of course.

If I may suggest, just bite the bullet put on the tried and true method, CFC, they work well and look good. :cry:

These clutch covers are great I got mine for $60 from the same seller and it is awesome! The best way for the ign cover is cfc's or you can get an e-line carbon fiber cover for a lot more. My cfc's have saved my :cry: many times! I highly recomend them. :cry:

I give up. I'm throwing in the towel. I'll get the CFC's covers. I can't go against the tide fore ever...

Just wanted to see bout getin a revolution brewing darn hear and maybe gettin someone out dare's attent'en so as we'd get some dare nice shinny covers. But, I guess i betta stick with yalls ideas,huh boys :cry:

You can get a real billet cover from sfbracing. They come in Black, Red, Gold, and aluminum.

disclaimer...I do have a CFC on the other side. :cry: :cry: :cry:


I have e-mailed sfb 3 times begging then to make a ign cover :cry:

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