Rodman HS this weekend Whos going

Who all is going to the Rodman HS this weekend?

I'll be there!!

I only need a gas attendant this time, any takers :cry:. Have made me a little wood stand to hold my bike up at the start line (assuming I remember to get there on time :cry: :cry:)

See you there,

Don :cry:

No worries Don, Ill hold your bike for ya, provided you get there in time lol :cry:.

I'll be there

Since the kid's gonna be at his mommas this weekend I think I am gonna do some more riding at croom. I got another 5 or 10 pounds I could afford to lose yet. :cry:

Hey durtslinger, you get my pm?

Alright goobers, I'll see you there.

I made a stick-stand so I don't need nobody to hold my bike and I bought a small gas can that I'll leave in the woods for my refueling. I am a self sufficient C-nile old fart now, completely :cry: :cry:

BTW, I'm ready to ride!!

Don :cry:

I'll be there.

Vet C

KTM 250 #628


everyone be sure to look up hotwheels and get the ocala designation information. Pass the word around to those next to you too. If we dont say something the ecofreeks will shut us out of ocala.

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