Shock Linkage.

I'm helping a buddy grease his rear suspension on his XR600 tonight and I noticed his bike has zerk fittings on the whole rear linkage (swingarm/shock). I was expecting to pull everything apart as I do on my XR400.

My question is,

Is this a good way to lube the rear of this bike or do you still suggest taking it apart and doing it by hand?



I have a '93 with the Zerks. It's never been disassembled and has peformed quite well with regular greasing.

I would suggest the disassembly and re-grease. I know it's a PITA, but living in SoCal, (I used to be stationed at Edwards AFB), where riding through water is hard to find and deep water almost an impossiblity, I would think you wouldn't need to do this very often, unless you use a pressure washer all of the time.

oops, I accidentally hit the "send"

What I meant to add, is that the zerks still need to be used, but only as routine maintenance. As soon as my bike gets a few more hours on it, I'll be pulling apart the linkage, if nothing else but to inspect and make sure that everything is okay.

The other side of this story, is that if you have the income to buy a new bike every other year (I'm sarcastically aiming this at a few guys I know...haha), they see no need in these little inconveniences that most people call "preventitive maintenance"...hahaha...they add oil, rarely even adjust the chain, crank her up and rip....8^)...and to no surprise, the XR's will hold up fairly well to this kind of an abuse....8^)

I, on the other hand, treat my BRP with dignity and respect and keep her well oiled and finely tuned....8^)

Several years ago I bought a four year-old XR600 from a guy who said he mostly road the dunes. When I got it home I noticed it had sand everywhere so I started to tearing it apart down to the frame. Don't think the guy every greased anything and probably washed it at the car wash. The needle bearings and races where pitted and had some rust. Cleaned them up with my wire wheel on the old dremel tool and repacked them with marine grease. From then on I make it point to break my bike down every two years and clean, polish, and grease everything. Takes about two solid weekends but helps them XR live long lives.

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