Saved me some $$$

Geez, found alum shavings in my oil. A LOT of them. Took flywheel and backing plate off, sure enough my cam chain has been running loose and shaving alum. from cyl. and head. To top it off, my intake valves have been hitting the piston. Urggg. Worst of all, bottom timing gear is ruined and only way to replace it is to replace or rebuild the crank. Farkin ehh. Sounds like it is time for a new 2 stroke again. :cry: :cry: Just glad I found the problem now and it didnt have a chance to grenade and ruin all the valves and the head. I hate dirt bikes.... JK JK JK

Hey I know this has nothing to do with the post but I saw you also think that suspension is key. I have a 2003 yz250F and I was wondering what you were running for suspension settings. I do mostly trails and the occasional track day. Just looking for some numbers to bounce off mine. thanks

Right now Im running Race Tech Gold valve type 2 with the recommended settings. Its amazing the versatility of this setup. I can go out and blaze the woods and then go jump ramp or ride mx with only a few clicks. Very good stuff.

cool thanks man. I would love to spring for some aftermarket suspension - maybe this winter. I was actually looking for some good stock-suspension settings. Ride safe

Rebuilt Crank Rebuilt Crank

Just came across that on ebay! :cry:

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