Sound testing in Ocotillo Wells!


I just heard from a guy who was in Ocotillo Wells this past weekend that BLM was sound testing bikes like mad.

Supposedly the ranger told him to load up his bike (Big Gun exhaust) right now or it would be confiscated since it would not have passed a sound test if he checked it. :cry: Supposedly they know which brands will pass and which won't. Dr.D w/ a quiet core is a safe bet according to the Ranger.


For everyone going to the dez on Halloween, order your quiet pipes now!!!!!

Wow that sucks! I hope Ocotillo doesn't turn into another Glamis. That's the first I have heard of that kind of enforcement at Ocotillo. Maybe it was just one particular ranger?

Loud=fast, everyone knows that! :cry:

This is why you should never be a camp rider. Suit up and go for a ride.

Hey Christi,

It was probably a State Park Ranger, I dont think the BLM patrols that area unless the State Rangers need help. Check your PM. I believe the State Park Rangers are checking sound more now, it is a state law to be below 96db and fairly new at the 96 db limit.

I'll check with Jimbo137. He was out off the pole line last weekend. I'm heading out this weekend with Ti-Diddy. I beleive that they made their presence known like this last year then kind of faded away. Hopefully that will be the case again. Thanks for the heads up!

Hey, did you get some rain out at yer place?! :cry:

I was out there on Saturday, rode all the major spots. I didn't see any sound testing going on. Anyone know if the stock exhaust on a CRF450 will pass?

I have been riding at Ocotillo for 3 years with frequency. I have never seen any sound testing going on. I have seen sticker inspection at campsites a week prior to red sticker season opening. 96 is the law - I don't think they can confiscate the bike though. I believe the options are to make it quite in a big hurry, leave, or get a ticket and then leave. Another law is to have liability insurance. Can anyone confirm sound testing there?


Hey, did you get some rain out at yer place?! :cry:

Why Yes!!!!! It was awesome on Sunday! I rode a little again last night. If I weren't racing this weekend, I would be all over it again! :cry:

Anyone know where they were testing? I've never seen sound testing out there either (been going there since before most of you were born :cry:) but I noticed a big display at the ranger station last year dealing with noise enforcement. Heading to the poleline this weekend and guess I better throw the quiet core in the trailer. Hate to put it on though!:cry:

thank goodness. i would love to see real sound enforcement everywhere. loud bikes are helping to reduce my riding opportunities throughout the west, and it pi$$es me off.


I saw "the Man" cruising around, but did not see him checking anyone for anything.

While I agree with you that sound is an issue in most areas and should be complied with accordingly, Ocotillo is unique in that regard. The area is entirely dedicated to off road activity with virtually no noise impact to anyone other than off roaders.

I was there on Saturday and didn't see any sound checking. I wonder what my exhaust level is? FMF Powercore IV?

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