xr 600r choke substitute

buddy of mine left choke (stock) on too long. ended up sucking valve surround (?) into cylinder. got lucky / no damage (guess it spat it back out). In greece can't find exact piece, only fix is replace entire carb assembly. Have heard choke system from CBR 600 (!) works;

anyone know of any other 'fixes'?


As you have found, the stock XR600 choke is pus! Trash it (or what is left of it!) and make one out of stainless steel plate. You'll need to take your time and get the holes drilled spot on etc & you'll need to drill two extra 5mm holes in the middle of your plate to spare the engine some airflow when the choke is on full. Good luck.

this is by far the one flaw in an otherwise bulletproof engine. I purchased the baja design for $35 (if i remember correct) but made my own out of the bottom of a can of peas before it arrived. My buddy sucked his in a couple weeks later and i ended up selling the baja design to him.

Baja designs sells a replacement choke plate.

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