what pic am i higher in?? u tel me what u think

ok i have 4 pictures here. 2 of each jump cause it was in birst mode anyways you tell me which one u guys like better. i like the one with the FORD TRUCKS in the backround how the yellow matches my helmet. anyways i think i have posted these before but just tell me which u guys like the best.

heres the first one [image]50footdouble.jpg[/image]


and now my favorite ones.



i think the first one is better, the contrast between you and the background is better so wecan actually see you and we can tell where the ground is so you look higher in the first one

yeah that makes sence the first 2 are from a private track and the other 2 are local

First pic is best then the last pic is second.

1st pic because of the overalls. :cry:

First and last

1st pic because of the overalls. :cry:

Its a chest protector and a slevless shirt lol orveralls would be awesome though..

1st pic by far :cry:

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