new challenge!!!

Anybody had a successful Shotgun/long gun mounting experience to their DRZ/KLX 400 E/R? If so, how, and got pics?

Thanks in advance,

Tom :cry:

Anybody had a successful rifle mounting experience to their DRZ/KLX 400 E/R? If so, how, and got pics?

Thanks in advance,

Tom :cry:

Damn, sounds like an accident waiting to happen and all of the bouncing around the bike does would be terrible on a scope if ya use 1....Get a big bore pistol and practice with it if ya need a gun on the bike... :cry:

Why not just sling it over your back?

it's mainly for the shotgun...i do a bunch of quail and dove huntin' with the in-law neighbors...and having to sell the wife's quad cuz she want's the $$$ back in her pocket, CUZ she's not using the quad with having our 6-month old daughter. SO, I still want to keep up with my in-laws when out and about killin' them birds. I'd not use a scoped rifle on this set-up. But, Thanks for the concern... :cry: you're mind is in the right place. :cry:

Slung? Well, I've tried that, and just doesn't feel good. It's loose and awkward slung. I want something more solid, and not across the handlebars either.

:cry: good idea though, just don't like it.

I would still sling it over my back. Use the Uncle Mikes swivels. You can the easily detach and remove the sling if you desire to once reaching the field.

Dang just can't imagine how you would mount a rifle/shotgun on the bike at all,,,it would have to be on the front prob as the back takes to much of a whippin and most of the space is used. will take a really good look tonight when i get home and pull out the shotgun just to look for possibilities. You would at the very least need a hard gun case to protect it even if ya could...I'll see if I can come up with any ideas... :cry: :cry:

I don't desire too remove the sling. The one I've got is comfy, padded and all, but I don't cotton to the gun poppin' my back and head when I decide to catch a little air or twist the throttle on occasion...Solid mounting is the answer, and also the question. Slung: simply a half- :cry: effort, not effective at all. :cry: Thanks again, though. I was thinking of using, somehow, the IPI gun rack yolks, and attaching them to a metal plate, which would be attached to my rack (promotobillet) and the lower, somehow to the frame, somewhere...that is the question, where on the frame for the lower. I still want it short enough to where I can use (in a perfect world) my AR-15 Carbine as well. Tough, i know...but if I get it figured out or someone already has...I'll definately add those pics to this forum...for people to duplicate/replicate. :cry:

I would think the hard case would have to be hard mounted somehow along the side of your bike, along the seat and your riding leg would go over a part of it. you would have to secure the hard case top and bottom somehow so it wouldn't flop around. you wouldn't want any movement as in the gun and the bike 1 and the same.

Now you're talkin' my language! But the hard case idea...WAY too bulky...

The yolks from IPI should work fine, for movement restriction, since the bike shakes and rattles over terrain far less than a quad.


Then get busy and we want to see pictures when your done. You might consider permanently attaching some kind of foam on the inside of whatever case you use for both compression when ya attach it and to keep the gun from getting beat up on the bike side.. :cry:

That brings me to my next issue with this endeavor...I lack the metal (twisting, cutting, welding) equipment needed to tackle this the way I know how.

How about a suggestion as to where to affix the lower yolk on the frame??? Anyone? That is the biggest challenge to this project. :cry:

You could make something that attaches to one of the aftermarket skid plates. My BD skid plate is plenty stout.

I seen a lot of farmers strap a peace of 2in ABS pipe on the left side and carry there field shovel for irrigation work. Definitly a bad idea for a rifle.

If it were me I would break down the rifle and seperate the stock from the barrle. Wrap them both in a towel and carry them in a pack.

regardless it would have to be a beater rifle. Not a family treasure.

That or have your inlaws haul it for you.....

it's an old shotgun...pump...certainly my beater...I think it'll work really well, once i figure out what to attach the bottom too, but I think the skid plate is 1. too low, and 2. in the way of that which makes the bike functional, the footpeg.

You are, however, thinking about the same side for mounting as I. Also, you mentioned the shovel thing you've seen on farmers irrigating bikes. That's exactly the principle I've got in mind. Just a better mount, one more solid and cradling than PVC.

I figure, as long as I make it solid to the subframe and main frame, I'll be golden. I expect wear marks to develop on the shotgun.

Thanks :cry:

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