So the wetness is upon us. I've started commutting on my DR. I have both an MX style helmet and a road helmet. I'm having problems with visibility, especially at night. Anyone have any secrets? I've tried rain-x and it doesn't seem to do squat. The big drops roll off fairly well but the car spray just collects on the shield/goggles.. :cry:

actually I've heard that RainX is very bad for face shields and googles (anything not made of glass bascially) - I have always used aircraft type plexiglass cleaner/polish.. I figure if it's good enough for aviation, it's good enough for my helmet

(just google plexiglass polish)

Stick with the street helmet for commuting, water always seems to find its way into offroad buckets (usually the tip of your nose)and rain at 60+ STINGS!

I use a quality no fog cloth to wipe the inside of the face shield before riding (I use Scott), which can be found at any snowmobile shop.

Keep a new shield on the helmet/goggle, any scratches make it very difficult to see at night with oncoming traffic.

Neoprene face warmers keep your mug nice and toasty and tend to defect your breath away from the shield, reducing fogging.

There are also a couple of companies that make a sort of a windshield wiper/squeege thingy for riding in the rain. It has a triangular profile, and has a loop that your index finger fits thru... put it on your left hand and just "turn the wipers on" whenever it starts to rain!

Totes rubber overshoes are nice too in real heavy rain but don't work well with offroad footpegs. :cry:

.... and Handwarmers! A must for commuting and riding in the rain.

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