XR650L Newbie Questions

Hi, thinking of getting a XR650L and have a few questions:

I'm vertically challenged - 5'7" - will I have a problem getting on the bike? I've read that the seat is around 37" or so. I know lowering links are an option but I've never used them before. Does using them shorten suspension travel or cause anything else detrimental to the bike?

Also, I'll probably be looking for a used XR650L between the years of 96-02 can anyone tell me if there are any differences in the various years along with anything I might need to look out for?


I would try and find someone who owns a 650L and sit on it, perhaps take it for a ride. I think you will be able to touch the ground once your weight is on the bike. The 37inches decreases when you sit on it. I would try and find a dealership that has one in stock. I am sure the bike are very similar between those years.


Hi, Just read your message....

I have a 2000 XR650L for sale. I am getting a CRF450 and just need to sale the 650. All I'm asking is $3500.00. GREAT SHAPE !!!! If your interested I'll send you some pictures.

Just let me know.

Honda93 :)

I believe from '93 on there weren't any significant differences in the bike, other than a change in plastic color to red.

If you set the suspension on the "soft" side, which is where I like it anyway, with a little weight, that 37 inches will easily go down to 33-34.

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