450 Decompression plug - Helpful Installation Tip!!!!!

After putting it off for a while because I didn't want to take my radiator off, I finally got around to installing the Quasi Moto (ThumperTalk member) decompression plug.

I thought that to get the plug out, you had to drill a hole in it and then insert a screw into the hole and pull it out.

To get access to drill the hole, it looked like the only way to make enough room was to remove the right side radiator.

I've got a much easier way that some of you may know about.

You can actually use a small allen wrench as a lever to push the OEM plug out through the bolt hole that is used to hold the ThumperTalk plug in once it is installed.

Just remove the screw, put the short end of a small allen wrench into the hole at an angle and then maneuver it around so the long end of the wrench is sticking out of the bolt hole and the short end is pushing against the inside of the OEM plug. Use the allen wrench against the inside of the bolt hole as a lever to push the OEM plug out. You'll have to re-position the allen wrench a couple of times around the inside diameter of the OEM plug but it pushes out easily.

Install the lip seal that comes with the billet plug, push the plug in, snug up the bolt and you are good to go.

This saved me a ton of time and really showed how poor fitting the OEM plug was. It pushed out way too easily for my comfort!

I used a spring puller

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