Hollister was AWESOME

Went to Hollister yesterday to meet up with a old riding buddy that I've known forever, but had not seen in a couple years. Thought it would be too mucky to ride, but boy was I wrong. The conditions were the best every. Pete's Path became like I was connected to rails, my Dunlop 773 (best front tire I've ever used) and S12 rear hocked up like glue. Except for the few clay spots it was great.

The whole upper rance (sandstone areas) were great too. Jay's way seemed 10 times easier than saturday (Maybe it was the bike? YZ sat, KTM sun?) but I think it ws just the awesome conditions.

Unforetunity I have to drive upto Redding next weekend and fix my mom's computer, or I'd be back out there for more.

Only complaint was too many quads trying to do petes path and getting in the way. Quads are hard to pass on a bike only trail.

Hollister is so awesome to ride when it is raing raining, all that sandstone soaks up the water like nothing and makes for the sweetest conditions :cry:

My only complaint are the parking areas that on clay soil get really mucky. the Vintage track area especially needs to be graveled or something. I wanted to wash my bike, but it would of gotten muddy just try get in and out of that area. :cry:

Next time I need to bring my own hose.

my Dunlop 773 (best front tire I've ever used) and S12 rear hocked up like glue. Except for the few clay spots it was great.

You think you were having issues in the clay?? Try running 17" motard wheels. I went down there to run the TT track and practice and it was okay till around 3 when it started pouring. Ended up riding a couple trails then went back and rode the track since it dried out a little. Whish I would have known you were out there. Would have stopped by to say hi. You might have saw me, I was the idiot on the Honda CRF250 with the 17" motard wheels.

What time did you leave? I left at 5:30 and somebody had got hurt really bad on the MX track :cry:. They had 2 ambulences and a life flight and they were giving the guy CPR. Dont know what happened or anything, but didnt look too good.

I leftr about 3;30pm and saw a Honda with Motard wheels on it parked next to the TT track, that was probably you. :cry:

I had the KTM with 50 lbs of mud on it. Should be less clay in Hollister and a lot more on 101 now. :cry:

You probably need to wait 3 days after a rain for the slicks, otherwise bring the knobs. I wonder if a dual sport know would be a good comprimise for practice tire?

Everytime I goto Hollister there is somebody getting carried away. One time is was my mom, she rolled her quad and it broke 2 of her ribs, all because she didn't want to use reverse.

Ended up costing her $10,000 for the helicopter flight to SJ Hospital. Now they have Helicopter insurance, it pretty cheap and saves you a ton of $$$.

You'd be surprised the number of beginners that jump on a bike for the first time and try to go big. Instead they get a big bill.

Cheers, next time I'll try to stop by and say hi,

I leftr about 3;30pm and saw a Honda with Motard wheels on it parked next to the TT track, that was probably you.

Yep, that was me.

I had "rain tires" on it, not slicks (I probably would have been better with slicks because they wouldnt have had grooves to hold the mud on with). I knew it would be slippery and thats party why I went out there, I wanted to get a feel for what the bike does when it slides (example-push the front end, how easy it is to control and kick out the rear) then from there set the forks and shock to my liking. Got that all accomplished, only ate it a couple times and had a blast. Better to get off on lower speeds in the mud then high speeds on cement. :cry:

hey novaman64 were you out there sunday 10-17. my friend went up and said someone was out there with a supermoto bike and he had fun watching you slide around. he was a rm80 and his dad a crf250r. :cry:

yup. that was me. i have a race this coming weekend and wanted to practice in the dirt with the new wheels.

Sounds awesome!!! :cheers:I wish we were going up this weekend. We promised my little Nephew (8yrs old) that we would take him riding, so we are taking him to Praire City. It is about an hour closer, so it saves us a little drive time. I have only ridden Hollister when it has been dry. Hopefully next weekend it will be nice again. :cry: I need to change my tire first, it is looking pretty bald.

Get a Michelin S12. They are awesome and hook up great for this time of year and should last you well into summer.

mxchic i would say drive the extra hour to ride at hollister when its wet, it is sweeettt, and its safer for the kids because of one-way trails

man all this Hollister talk makes me want to ride even more! Im still recovering from a surgery I had 3 weeks ago so ill be back on my bike riding at hollister in another 3 weeks. Last month when we rode at hollister it was dry as hell, still fun though. We just bought new tires and they are going on the bikes today. I guess all I can do now is wait but its soooo hard watching all of this rain fall :cry: I want to ride some mud :cry:

dude that sucks i would not be able to handle it, im getting antsy also watching all this rain fall, i cannot wait till i get my new parts in throw them on real fast then go riding :cry:


When Praire City gets wet the soil on the wet river rocks gets real slippery and is not got for a beginner. At Hollister just head for the upper ranch and the sandstone soil there gets better with water. They'll close the lower ranch (clay) if it rains as its similar to most the other places, "slippery when wet".

I'd suggest parking on Radio Ridge near the mini track so the nephew can ride the mini track while you getting ready etc. then you can ride up Harmony Gate Road and take one of the many blue trails to Tule Lake.

My favorite trail is probably Pete's Path or Jays way.

Someday there are supposed to open a bunch of new trails, but it seems they are stuck in some legal mumbo jumbo. :cry:

I have to run to Redding this weekend, but hope to be out at Hollister on the following weekend.


Praire does get pretty slick on the rocks. We take my Nephew and let him ride the track. After that we take him to the non-rocky side and just let him putt. It will be pure torture to go to Hollister and ride the trails at snail pace (not even getting out of first gear). I don't think I can handle it. :cry: I want the throttle pinned baby! :cry: When he gets a little faster we will take him to Hollister. The terrain is great at Hollister, but it is 2 extra hour of drive time for us not doing much riding. I think we will get over there the followning weekend. :cry:

Bring someone to watch him on the mini track and then you can get a ride in as well. Life is about comprimises. I think the mini track at Hollister is better than anything they have at PC for beginers as well.

Well I hope it all works out for you,

Hollister was really good yesterday. Lower is closed.

i saw you novaman64. i was parked right across from the track with my buddy. you were hauling bananas on those tires! :cry:

some of the guys on that track were making me REALLY nervous though. totally pinning it on the straight right next to that fence by the main road when it looked like it was their 2nd or 3rd time on a bike. not that i'm a pro but jeez, be careful out there!

it was my first time to hollister last weekend and i'm still dreaming about it. the trails were SWEET!!!!!!!! can't wait to go back. :cry:

It was jsut some practice...hopefully will paf off this weekend, have a supermoto race in sotckton and its supposed to rain and they are runnign rain or shine.. should be fun :cry:

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