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Militec reports.

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October 12, 2001

MILITEC-1 plays a critical role in keeping equipment up and running long past the expected life. In a recent survey of many of our industrial customers, we have found equipment lasting so long it’s difficult to believe. It is clearly apparent that MILITEC-1 reduces wear to such an extent that there is almost no significant wear. There are many instances of equipment that has had MILITEC-1 installed over the past 8 to 10 years and still does not show any sign of wearing out or fatigue. And this includes many pieces that normally wore out in one year and less. All of it is verifiable.


Another factor of great importance is that no company reported any problems resulting from use of the product. With industrial companies using the product in many types of equipment over long periods of time, it is surprising that the survey came up with no negative results. We had a situation some years ago with an ammonia compressor that had a friction ring to sling oil up to the upper part of the compressor. The ring failed to work when MILITEC-1 was applied. We have some cautions about the use of MILITEC-1, and this appears to succeed in keeping the product out of situations where there could be a negative effect. Fortunately, those situations are very rare as MILITEC-1 has almost universal applicability.


Still another important factor is MILITEC-1’s high cost-effectiveness. In large pieces of equipment (e.g. large diesels, compressors, gearboxes) it is used at about 1.5% of the total oil. For smaller pieces of equipment (gasoline engines, small gearboxes, pumps, bearing sets) it is used at about 4.5% of the total oil. Also, it lasts a very long time. Savings on maintenance with greatly reduced failures, much less unscheduled downtime and greatly extended equipment life, is supplemented by energy savings, reduced harmful emissions, longer oil intervals and more power. I realize that these are strong claims, but there is solid evidence from highly respected 3rd parties to support them.


A key aspect of MILITEC-1’s effectiveness is how it works. It chemically reacts with metal surfaces to create a new complex metal compound that resists friction corrosion and rust. So it becomes a part of the metal surface and protects it. Unlike other chemical compounds that can react with metal surfaces, MILITEC-1 forms a very stable bond that lasts many times longer than other compounds. MILITEC-1 works by reducing the coefficient of elasticity of the metal surface, making the surface stiffer but it doesn’t mean the metal is harder, it’s just the stiffness of the surface that changes. The increased stiffness dramatically reduces friction and parasitic drag.


MILITEC-1 is a chemically-reacted, synthetic-based hydrocarbon derivative. At the start of the manufacturing process, MILITEC-1 is composed of a blend of several extreme pressure lubricants, natural anti-corrosion ingredients, extremely stable chlorate esters, anti-wear components, and anti-oxidant compounds. This blend is then introduced into a chemical reactor. When MILITEC-1 emerges from its proprietary chemical-reaction process, it is no longer a blend. It has been organically bound into a unique, pure, uniform single substance. In its finished form, MILITEC-1 is completely stable, so it does not require agitation before use. This contrasts greatly from products in the automotive aftermarket that make claims but those products are unstable blends that may provide short-term benefit but then have harmful side effects. The sordid history of these products emphasize the need to look at MILITEC-1’s verifiable ten-year history in the industrial, military and commercial sectors.


Gearboxes at Holt Manufacturing

Holt Manufacturing in North Carolina has 34 gearboxes on its printing presses. Before using MILITEC-1, they had a history of losing one gearbox a month on average. Each time it meant 2-3 hours of downtime of the press while they rebuilt the gearbox. They’ve been using MILITEC-1 for ten years and in all this time they have not had to rebuild even one gearbox. On those occasions when a seal blows, they’ve looked inside and found all the parts to be in excellent condition.

Semi-hermetic Compressors at U.S. Dept. of Energy

The U.S. Dept. of Energy, in Washington, DC, has MILITEC-1 in 60 semi-hermetic compressors. In the seven years they have been using the product, they expected 20 of the compressors to require a rebuild. They haven’t had to rebuild any of them and none need a rebuild now.

Air Compressors at Potomac Electric Power Co.

Pepco has had 4 Worthington air compressors which had a long history before MILITEC-1 was applied. They invariably needed an overhaul every 12 months due to excessive wear or sooner when failures occurred. With MILITEC-1 applied each year for eight years, none of the compressors needed an overhaul over the entire 8-year period. Then two of the Worthingtons were replaced by higher capacity compressors while the remaining 2 continue to operate without overhauls.

Crown Lift Trucks at Harris Teeter

Harris Teeter has a central refrigerated distribution center for its supermarkets in North Carolina that has been using MILITEC-1 in its lift trucks for eight years. They use mostly Crown lift trucks and have about 85 of these in operation. The Crown lift trucks have a well-known problem with their drive units which tend to lock up. In 8 years, none of the drive units have locked up. Also, they were able to relax their maintenance interval from 6-7 months to 12-14 months.

City of Elmira Reduces Hydraulic Pump Failures

The City of Elmira has MILITEC-1 in their sanitation trucks for approximately 16 months. Their hydraulic pumps on the packers were failing regularly at 8 months and the hydraulic systems were overheating. Once MILITEC-1 was installed, the overheating ceased and the pumps continue to operate without failure at already double the time in which they previously failed.

Caterpillar 988B Loaders at H.B. Mellot

This quarrying company in Pennsylvania has 36 Caterpillar 988B Loaders. They had been having failures of the intermediate bearings in the drop boxes (transferring power from an upper shaft to a lower shaft). With MILITEC-1 applied the past five years, the problem totally disappeared and they were able to extend their maintenance intervals from 6,000 hours to 12,000-18,000 hours.

Race Engines at ATI Performance Racing

ATI Performance Racing in Baltimore, MD, has been using MILITEC-1 for two years in race engines used in the ASA ACDelco race series. The engines normally require a rebuild every 5-6 races. The longest an engine has gone without a rebuild is ten races. Now, with MILITEC-1, their engines have gone 40 races (two years of racing) and they are planning at least another full year without rebuilds. The parts in these engines remain in excellent condition.

Cooling Tower at Sara Lee/Playtex

Playtex has been using MILITEC-1 in their Marley cooling tower gearbox for six years. In the past, the gearbox bearing required replacement every 3-4 years. With MILITEC-1 it is six years without replacement and the bearing does not show any signs of needing replacement now.

Almost every company with whom I spoke had one or more stories about equipment that incurred a problem and should have failed but didn’t or had a failure and should have needed an overhaul but didn’t. One example is at the U.S. Dept. of Energy (mentioned above) where a bundle tube burst in a 15-ton Copeland compressor, allowing water to enter the tube and combine with the lubricating oil to create a very acidic environment. The maintenance supervisor who is near retirement said that he has never seen this happen where the unit would last more than a year after such an occurrence. This unit had MILITEC-1 in it when the accident happened. The unit was cleaned as much as possible and then the oil was changed every 90 days for a year with MILITEC-1 added each time. That was four years ago and the unit is still operating without any sign of trouble.

As for diesels that are run only intermittently, a power generating station, Buzzard Point, in Washington, DC, has 4 diesels that are used to start up their gas turbines. The turbines are started up an average of 22 time per year. They had many problems with these engines over the years since they sit idle for long periods of time and then are started up full blast. The maintenance supervisor there can tell you how MILITEC-1 has kept these diesels operating when they shouldn’t have been due to obvious problems they incurred. It’s probably now more than 8 years that these diesels have operated flawlessly with MILITEC-1

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